4/1/2011: Post Thrombotic Syndrome – what you need to know!

Post thrombotic syndrome (PTS) is a serious problem that can develop after experiencing a blood clot in the vein of a leg. Veins have tiny valves that control the direction of blood flow, carrying blood from the legs back to the heart. A blood clot in a leg vein can damage the one-way valves, causing the blood to flow backwards in the vein and sometimes pool in the lower legs and ankles (called venous insufficiency). This pooled blood can increase pressure in the veins, causing problems that are mild (leg heaviness, aching, varicose veins) or severe (swelling, skin color changes, rashes on the legs, recurrent skin infections and chronic ulcers). Post thrombotic syndrome can affect an individual’s quality of life and cause skin changes for 2-4 years after the initial blood clot. Some people are more likely to develop PTS. For more information on prevention and treatment and to see what increases someone’s risk for PTS, see Post Thrombotic Syndrome – What you need to know.

Events & Important Dates:

  • April 17th is World Hemophilia Day! Discover the struggles and successes of individuals with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders from around the world! Learn the challenges facing people from different countries and be inspired by their stories here!
  • The IHTC will be closed on April 22. Be sure to order from the center pharmacy before the 22nd!
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