Treatment Option for Mild Hemophilia A

If you or your child has mild hemophilia A, the IHTC recommends desmopressin, also known as DDAVP.

DDAVP only works for patients with mild hemophilia A. It doesn’t work if you or your child has moderate or severe hemophilia A or for treating hemophilia B.

DDAVP should not be used for some patients, specifically:

  • Children under two years of age
  • Pregnant women
  • People with mild hemophilia A for whom DDAVP doesn’t provide adequate Factor VIII levels (we recommend a factor concentrate for these patients)

The IHTC Pharmacy

The IHTC pharmacy program can supply this product as an injectable form (DDAVP Injection) or as a highly concentrated nasal spray (Stimate Nasal). When using DDAVP it is necessary to restrict your fluid intake.

Other pharmacies

If you are not using the IHTC pharmacy program, please make sure that if you or your child is using the high concentration nasal version of DDAVP called Stimate. The low concentration version of DDAVP for bed wetting does not work to treat hemophilia.