“Resetting” the Immune System

If you or your child develops an inhibitor, the best course of action is to stop your body from producing more of the inhibitor. This is done using a comprehensive treatment plan known as immune tolerance induction (ITI).

In simple terms, ITI is an attempt to reset the immune system to tolerate what it currently perceives as a threat. This is done by regular infusion (typically once or twice daily) with large doses of factor product, possibly over a lengthy period of time. In some cases, such as in hemophilia B or in mild hemophilia, an immunosuppressant is also administered to help decrease the immune response.

When ITI is successful, you or your child can resume administering factor VIII or factor IX to control bleeds; in the meantime, other treatment options are available to control bleeding.

The success rate of ITI and the type of ITI protocol used depends on the type and severity of hemophilia. ITI has been used since the 1970s; however, very few providers have vast experience with this treatment. The IHTC has state of the art protocols to treat almost any type of inhibitor. In some cases, an initial round of ITI may not be successful. In these cases, there are almost always alternative protocols that can be attempted.

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