Empowering You to Take Ownership of Your Hemophilia Treatment

The IHTC walks alongside you and your family through life’s milestones with hemophilia. We don’t just treat hemophilia, we educate you about the condition and support you and your family so you can live your best life despite diagnosis.

Supporting Your Lifestyle

You are more than your condition—and your hemophilia treatment needs to be more too. At the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center, we support our patients through in-depth assistance with insurance, travel, major life transitions, and everything in between. Our multi-disciplinary team is ready to help.

Equipping You for Independence

We believe in empowering our patients for an independent lifestyle. Learn about self-care and at-home hemophilia treatment. Find out how to travel safely. Even receive counseling for how your condition may impact your job.

At IHTC, we know that the best care for hemophilia starts with the patient-provider partnership. Building your independence is a critical part of your individual treatment plan.

Delivering the Best Care for Hemophilia

While we work toward a preventative treatment model, at times hemophilia treatment requires more than just day-to-day management. Our doctors and care team are nationally and internationally known for their expertise, innovation, and high standard of care. We handle general hemophilia treatment and unusual complications.

IHTC coordinates with your entire medical team to ensure the best possible outcome for emergency care, surgery, and more. With IHTC, you’ll have peace of mind that you are in the most expert hands. We make sure that you receive the best care for hemophilia, no matter where you live in Indiana.

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