Types of Soft Tissue Bleeding

Bleeding into muscles is also known as soft tissue bleeding. Bleeding in large muscle groups, such as the hip muscles, can cause severe blood loss and the risk of unstable blood pressure.

Bleeding within confined muscles, such as the forearm or calf, may cause a complication known as compartment syndrome. People with compartment syndrome may have symptoms of pain, tingling, or numbness. They also often have significant nerve and tissue damage resulting from the condition if it is not treated quickly and thoroughly.

Compartment syndrome requires immediate and highly specific treatment to control bleeding. In some cases surgery may be needed to reduce the pressure on nerves and blood vessels.

People with all severities of hemophilia can experience easy bruising. Often these bruises have a “lump” underneath them called a hematoma. In most cases this type of bleeding does not require treatment, but you should get help if it is causing pain or limiting movement.