Bypassing Agent as Alternative Therapy

If you or your child develops an inhibitor and factor VIII or factor IX are no longer able to help you stop a bleed, the IHTC will prescribe an alternative therapy known as a bypassing agent. As the name suggests, this type of product can bypass the need to administer factor VIII or factor IX. There are two widely available bypassing agents: FEIBA and NovoSeven.

FEIBA® (also known as an activated prothrombin complex concentrate or PCC) is a plasma-derived product which contains a wide range of different clotting factors to help your body form a clot when needed.

NovoSeven® (also known as rFVIIa or activated recombinant factor seven) is a recombinant version of activated factor VII. Activated factor VII can jump start a different pathway in your body’s clotting mechanism, again bypassing the need for factor VIII or factor IX.

As with factor VIII and factor IX clotting concentrates, these products may be used as a prophylaxis therapy (for bleed prevention) or as an on-demand therapy (for bleed treatment).

In some cases, if you have low levels of an inhibitor (also known as a low titer or a low responding inhibitor) you may still be able to use factor VIII or factor IX products, but at higher doses.

IHTC physicians can discuss options for preventing or treating bleeds when you have an inhibitor. Some patients respond better to one product than the other, and some patients may have a negative to reaction to one of the products. IHTC will help you find out which product works best for you or your child.

Call the IHTC at 317.871.0000 for questions about alternative therapies.