Pharmacy Program

Delivering Integrated Care and Cost Management

The IHTC works collaboratively with payors to optimize care. We ensure that the patients and families we serve have access to care and therapies, thereby helping to contain costs and reduce both bleeding events and utilization of resources.

The IHTC Pharmacy’s ability to purchase clotting factor through the Public Health Service 340B discount program and our overall pricing structure benefit payors and patients by dispensing clotting factor at significantly reduced prices.

Benefits to Payors

As Indiana’s only federally recognized comprehensive treatment center, the IHTC operates a Public Health Service 340B Pharmacy Program. The 340B program allows the IHTC to dispense clotting factor at significantly reduced prices, saving payors millions of dollars. The IHTC Pharmacy Program benefits payors and patients by:

  • Reducing the cost of clotting factor – more than $12,000,000 in annual savings
  • Providing care management – healthcare professionals and pharmacist interact daily to maximize coordination and quality of care
  • Improving patient communication – the IHTC Pharmacy proactively communicates with patients to manage clotting factor needs, patient inventory, and patient adherence to therapy and discusses bleeding episodes or other concerns
  • Providing assay & inventory management – the IHTC Pharmacy dispenses, on average, within 2% of prescribed doses and maintains an adequate inventory to meet the needs of our patients
  • Managing supplies & waste disposal – the IHTC Pharmacy provides all clotting factor supplies and a specially developed sharps disposal program at no additional cost to our patients
  • Offering tracking systems & delivery – the IHTC Pharmacy tracks lot numbers dispensed, offers web-based infusion log tracking for patients, and tracks patient utilization of clotting factor as well as insurance history. The IHTC Pharmacy offers scheduled, unscheduled and emergency delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays
  • Providing patient assistance – the IHTC Pharmacy assists patients with enrollment in patient assistance programs so that patients can get their clotting factor during a lapse in insurance
  • Read the IHTC Pharmacy Brochure for more information on IHTC’s pharmacy program.
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