Pharmacy Program

Delivering Integrated Care and Cost Management

The IHTC works collaboratively with payors to optimize care. We ensure that the patients and families we serve have access to care and therapies, thereby helping to contain costs and reduce both bleeding events and utilization of resources.

The IHTC Pharmacy’s ability to purchase clotting factor through the Public Health Service 340B discount program and our overall pricing structure benefit payors and patients by dispensing clotting factor at significantly reduced prices.

Conditions We Treat

The IHTC’s focus is on patient care, education and research involving persons affected by blood disorders. The disorders diagnosed and treated by the medical experts at the IHTC are hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, clotting disorders (thrombotic disease), sickle cell disease and other hematological disorders. In this section you will find lots of useful, up–to–date information on these disorders. For additional information on any of the disorders treated by the IHTC, please contact the center at 317.871.0000, toll free at 877.CLOTTER.

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