Pharmacy Program

Delivering Integrated Care and Cost Management

The IHTC works collaboratively with payors to optimize care. We ensure that the patients and families we serve have access to care and therapies, thereby helping to contain costs and reduce both bleeding events and utilization of resources.

The IHTC Pharmacy’s ability to purchase clotting factor through the Public Health Service 340B discount program and our overall pricing structure benefit payors and patients by dispensing clotting factor at significantly reduced prices.

What Can the IHTC Do for You?

  • The IHTC’s anticoagulation clinic uses a multidisciplinary comprehensive approach to treating patients on anticoagulation therapy. Patients commonly are seen every 6 months by the anticoagulation clinic staff. The clinic is led by physician assistants experienced in the treatment of clotting disorders, with board-certified hematologists available for additional consultation. In addition, the IHTC’s physical therapist, registered dietitian, genetic counselor, and social worker provide support services on an as-needed basis. See our Meet the Staff page to read about how these healthcare professionals help providers and their patients who require anticoagulation therapy. The IHTC’s anticoagulation clinic is held weekly. For more information about the clinic, contact the IHTC at 317-871-0000 or toll free at 1-877-CLOTTER.
  • The IHTC provides genetic counseling services for individuals with clotting disorders and their families. To contact our genetic counselor, please call the IHTC at 317-871-0000.
  • The IHTC’s registered dietitian provides information and advice on diet-related issues that affect anticoagulant medications, particularly warfarin (Coumadin®). Visit the IHTC website for useful nutritional information, important dietary tips, and educational resources for providers who have patients on anticoagulant therapies.
  • Visit the IHTC’s Resources webpage and our Reading Room for useful educational websites and brochures on clotting disorders that you can provide to your patients. The Resources page also provides links to educational presentations for clinicians.
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