Pharmacy Program

Delivering Integrated Care and Cost Management

The IHTC works collaboratively with payors to optimize care. We ensure that the patients and families we serve have access to care and therapies, thereby helping to contain costs and reduce both bleeding events and utilization of resources.

The IHTC Pharmacy’s ability to purchase clotting factor through the Public Health Service 340B discount program and our overall pricing structure benefit payors and patients by dispensing clotting factor at significantly reduced prices.

Payor FAQs

  1. What type of entity is the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (IHTC)?
  2. The IHTC is a 501(c)3 public charity, multidisciplinary evaluation, treatment and research facility that provides specialized healthcare services and education to persons with bleeding and thrombotic disorders. It is Indiana’s only federally recognized hemophilia treatment center (HTC).

  3. What is a 340B pharmacy program?
  4. Also referred to as the PHS (Public Health Service) Program, the 340B Drug Pricing Program is a federal discount program available to HTCs and other covered entities. Congress established the 340B Program as part of the Veterans Health Care Act of 1992 so that HTCs and other covered entities could utilize the excess revenues generated to provide more services to more patients. The 340B Program allows IHTC to purchase clotting factor at a discount for its patients.

  5. How do my clients benefit by utilizing IHTC’s treatment center and pharmacy program?
  6. A portion of the savings generated from the purchase of 340B discounted drugs are passed on to the patient and payor, which could lead to significant savings beyond what national pharmacy providers and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies can do for each individual.

  7. Does the IHTC follow any guidelines for care?
    The Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) was created in 1954 by the National Hemophilia Foundation to advance clinical care and promote hemophilia research. MASAC consists of scientists, physicians and other treatment clinicians and professionals. IHTC follows the quality of care guidelines that were established by MASAC.

  8. What is a federally recognized hemophilia treatment center? 
    Hemophilia treatment centers are recognized through the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau and focus on bleeding and clotting disorders. The IHTC provides comprehensive care and prevention services to reduce or prevent bleeding complications through a multidisciplinary approach. IHTC’s multidisciplinary team includes:

    • Hematologists – adult and pediatric
    • Nurse Practitioners – adult and pediatric
    • Physician Assistants
    • Risk Reduction Specialists
    • Triage Nurses
    • Clinic Nurses
    • Research Coordinator
    • Physical Therapist
    • Pharmacists
    • Dental Hygienists
    • Dietitian
    • Genetic Counselor
    • Social Workers
    • Career Counselor
  9. For more information on our staff, click: Meet The Staff

  10. What type of pharmacy does IHTC have?
  11. IHTC operates a specialty closed pharmacy within the treatment center under the same tax I.D. Dispensations can be done on-site or sent directly to the patient’s home with 24/7 availability. Care is coordinated between the clinic and pharmacy to optimize care for the patient.

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