Outreach Prophylaxis Clinics

The purpose of prophylaxis in hemophilia treatment is to replace missing clotting factor on a regular basis to prevent joint bleeding and joint disease. Prophylaxis is recommended as the standard of care for individuals with severe or moderate hemophilia based on bleeding patterns. Patients using prophylactic treatment should visit their HTC every six months so the hematologist can evaluate the patient’s treatment plan and make sure that it is working effectively. During the prophylaxis clinic, factor levels may be checked to ensure that the level never falls below 1%. If the level is less than 1%, the hematologist may decide to change the patient’s treatment to increase clotting factor coverage. The treatment plan may also be changed according to changes in the patient’s weight and bleeding history. IHTC conducts regular prophylaxis visits at the center in Indianapolis and outreach prophylaxis clinics to serve other Indiana communities.

To learn more about prophylaxis clinics, please see the Clinics section.

Updated July 2015

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