Studies available to all patients

IHTC Biorepository

The IHTC Biorepository was established as part of the IHTC commitment to research. It is a collection of blood samples and corresponding data voluntarily provided by patients and family members. These de-identified samples may be used in investigational projects to advance the management of blood disorders.

ATHN Dataset

The ATHN Dataset is a national partnership between HTCs and ATHN to monitor trends, address unanswered questions, develop cost-effective care, monitor the safety of therapies, and gain a better understanding of bleeding and clotting disorders and their management.

Community Counts! CDC Public Health Surveillance for Bleeding Disorders

This study will delineate demographics, diagnoses, and health service utilization of patients that receive care at federally funded HTCs in the US. This study provides free, anonymous viral testing and annual inhibitor testing to eligible participants.

Call us for more information about an IHTC Research Study. Our staff will be happy to discuss study eligibility and enrollment requirements.

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