Important travel tips for people with bleeding disorders


With spring break and summer trips ahead, make plans for a safe and enjoyable time away

General Preparations

  • Call the IHTC for a travel letter and always carry it with you on your trip. A travel letter includes your condition, type of medicine or clotting factor used, dosage, and the IHTC’s contact info: 877-256-8837.
  • Find the contact info of the Hemophilia Treatment Center closest to your travel destination in case of an emergency. Scan the QR code below to find an HTC near your destination, or call the IHTC for help.
  • Plan ahead and pack all supplies needed for the trip a few days ahead of time. Carry enough supplies to avoid problems during your trip.

Preparations for Flying

  • Pack a prescription from your provider in your carry-on luggage when flying. Medicines should have their original label attached. Your clotting factor products and supplies need to be in your carry-on luggage to avoid damage or loss.
  • Call the airline two days before your travel to see if they have specific rules about flying with medicine. You can also call TSA Cares, a hotline for those with disabilities or medical conditions (1-855-787-2227).
  • Visit these websites for more international travel info from the U.S. Department of State. Their STEP Program also allows you to register your international travel so they can assist you in an emergency.

Emergency care tips

  • Call the IHTC first
  • Take these items with you to the Emergency Department (ED):
    • Your factor concentrate
    • A list of medicines you take regularly
    • Medical records
    • Medical insurance info
    • Special medical supplies (i.e., port needles)
    • Patience
  • Ask the ED staff if they have talked to your IHTC provider before you are treated
  • Provide the ED staff with info about your disorder and explain your specific needs
  • Stay calm and treat the staff as you wish to be treated
  • Remember you will need pre-treatment with factor concentrate before most invasive procedures (like stitches or surgery). Routine blood draw is an exception that does not need pre-treatment.
  • ED visits take several hours
  • If you have a bad experience, please report this to the IHTC

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