The IHTC Approach to Hemophilia Care

Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (IHTC) is recognized as Indiana’s only comprehensive treatment center for our quality care, innovative research, extensive educational opportunities, and support programs.

IHTC’s care team of nationally and internationally recognized practitioners have specialized training and expertise in hemophilia care. From birth through adulthood, you’ll receive one-on-one care tailored to your needs.

Hemophilia touches many facets of your life, and so does your hemophilia care at IHTC.

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Comprehensive Hemophilia Care

In addition to our nationally recognized care team, leading researchers, and innovative treatments, IHTC provides a wide range of specialized services. 

Our specialists—from physical therapists to dental hygienists to counselors and more—are also trained in treatment needs connected to blood disorders. This unique level of focus makes sure you get the best possible hemophilia care and advice.

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Pediatric Hemophilia

Receiving a hemophilia diagnosis for your child can be frightening—as well as life-changing. That’s why, at IHTC, we don’t just focus on the child, we include the whole. We are Indiana’s only federally recognized hemophilia center for a reason. 

Our pediatric hematologists and dedicated hemophilia care team provide one-on-one support and education, as well as training for your family. 

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Pediatric Hemophilia

Adult Hemophilia

Whether you’re moving to Indiana, looking for a hematologist knowledgeable about hemophilia, or moving from a pediatric provider, IHTC has many programs and services to address your needs. IHTC is more than a standard hematology practice. In fact, we were the first hemophilia treatment center in the country designated as a medical home. 

Our approach to caring for the complete person will provide you with the best quality care in any stage of your life. Our adult hematologists and expert clinicians on our hemophilia care team are eager to support you at the center and in coordinating your care with other providers.

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Adult Hemophilia