Promoting Total Wellness

The Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (IHTC) works to build the total wellness of each patient through comprehensive blood disorder treatment. The IHTC psychologist specializes in how blood disorders impact mental and emotional health. Whether you and your family need help to cope with your condition or to address other sources of stress that make your condition more difficult to handle, our psychologist is part of your trusted IHTC team.

Testing & Evaluation

The IHTC psychologist offers blood disorder patients a range of psychological and educational testing to help assess and evaluate how your condition impacts your mental health and wellbeing. The psychologist on your team can also coordinate care with your other mental health providers.

Pain & Stress Management

Patients with a chronic illness—and their families—often need help processing stress. Chronic illnesses like blood disorders may require advanced pain and stress management techniques. Our psychologist can help you develop better coping skills, including breathing, relaxation, and biofeedback.

Individual & Family Therapy

Bleeding disorders impact families as well as individuals. The IHTC psychologist offers blood disorder patients traditional individual therapy and also conduct family therapy sessions.