Paving the way in clinical research

Clinical research can improve overall understanding of bleeding and clotting disorders, increase knowledge of genetics, and provide ongoing safety information of therapy. Clinical research studies may offer patients and payors substantial new treatment options and cost savings related to laboratory testing.

The IHTC has a long-standing history of leadership in clinical research, with numerous active studies available to eligible patients. The IHTC performed the world’s first human infusion of the following products:

  • Genetically engineered factor IX concentrate
  • Long-acting genetically engineered immunoglobulin fused factor IX concentrate
  • Genetically engineered von Willebrand factor concentrate
  • Genetically engineered bio-similar factor IX concentrate
  • Intravenous Plasminogen (Human) Concentrate

The IHTC independently evaluates the need for each study, weighing above all the project’s safety as well as the potential impact on future patient care. The IHTC coordinates a wide range of clinical research including pharmaceutical, observational, investigator-initiated, quality-of-life analyses, and nationally funded studies (e.g. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute of Health).

The IHTC Clinical Research Coordinators connect patients to available studies and provide ongoing follow-up and coordination for the duration of their study participation.

Studies Open to All

Hemophilia Studies

Von Willebrand Studies

Investigator-Initiated Projects