Expert Thrombosis Treatment

A diagnosis of a blood clot or thrombotic disorder can be life-changing. At the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (IHTC), we draw on years of clinical practice to provide expert care to stabilize and treat your condition. Our depth and breadth of expertise allow us to develop custom treatment plans and prepare you to handle your condition successfully.

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Inherited & Chronic Thrombotic Disorders

While the blood clot may impact your life for a short period, the risk of future blood clots depends on many factors. You may have a genetic condition or a life event that increases your risk of a blood clot. In either case, we create a unique treatment plan around your genetic, clinical, and lifestyle factors. Our in-house genetic counselors can also proactively identify and treat family members—preventing future crises and ensuring better outcomes for your loved ones.

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A Lifetime of Care

All of our care involves educating and empowering the patient to understand and manage his or her condition. We constantly develop and adjust your treatment plan based on your situation and risk factors to ensure you’re equipped to reach your goals. We provide long-term care to help you through every stage of your life and increase your peace of mind.

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