Pediatric Physicians

Caring, Experienced Physicians

Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (IHTC) pediatric hematologists treat both common and rare blood disorders in children. Serving patients throughout the state with a wide range of conditions, our pediatric hematologists have unique experience and expertise.

Family Focus

At IHTC, we understand how consuming caring for a child with a blood disorder can be. Our pediatric hematologists offer the best possible care for your child and also support your family as you learn to keep your child safe. We offer cutting-edge treatment plans, but also a friendly and relationship-focused approach to care.

Deep Knowledge

Because of our large group of patients, the pediatric hematologists at IHTC are experts at treating blood disorders in children. Our in-depth knowledge and insight lead to forward-thinking treatments and a higher standard of care for your child.

Compassionate Care

IHTC pediatric hematologists are known as leading experts both nationally and internationally, but what truly sets our team apart is our commitment to compassionate care. Your child is more than his or her blood disorder. Your family is more than a care team. Our physicians build trusted relationships with patients and families.