Education and Screening to Protect Your Health

Sickle cell anemia is a complicated disease, and while typical office visits often cover more immediate issues—such as pain or fever—Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (IHTC)’s Sickle Well Clinic focuses on maintaining and improving your current state of health and teaching prevention strategies.

Your First Visit

The first Sickle Well Clinic visit provides an opportunity to meet four members of our team in the same visit. In addition to your regular physician visit, a physical therapist (PT) will evaluate your bone, joint and muscle health. You will also meet with the IHTC social worker and sickle cell educator. This evaluation will help us develop a wellness plan designed specifically for your needs.

Future Visits

Sickle Well Clinic visits are tailored to your specific needs and current stage of life. You will always see the physician and the physical therapist, and up to two other members of our multidisciplinary team, depending on your needs.


Sickle Well Clinics occur onsite at IHTC for adults and children. Outreach Sickle Well clinics improve access to hematology care and include recommended preventive screenings such as Transcranial Doppler (TCD). Our community health worker also assists with care coordination, educates families during home visits, and hosts community events.

Multidisciplinary Team

IHTC’s Sickle Well Clinics provide personalized care to our sickle cell patients by engaging the center’s expert multidisciplinary team. We help you focus on long-term preventive strategies to keep you well for years to come.

Regardless of where you attend Sickle Well Clinic—either at IHTC or one of our outreach locations—you have access to a wide range of services to address physical and emotional health and support in work, school, and family life. Hematology physician specialists, a wide range of nursing services, risk management, social work, physical therapy, nutritional and dental services, genetic counseling, child life services, career counseling, psychology, and research are all available.

Sickle Cell Disease Educator

The sickle cell team also includes a sickle cell disease educator who provides continued learning opportunities for families and patients, including recommendations for care and treatments like hydroxyurea.

Transition Services

IHTC staff work with patients and their families to assist with preparation to transfer from pediatric to adult care. This preparation involves the patient’s gradual development of the knowledge, skills, and confidence to ensure independent self-care and a smooth transition to adulthood.