Sickle Cell Support in Your Community

The IHTC’s focus is to allow patients to thrive. Strengthening sickle cell care and education within your local community is an important part of this process. The IHTC medical team works with local doctors across the state to improve care including pediatric outreach clinics in communities throughout northwestern and northeastern Indiana.

We host local educational events, educate school staff and support other sickle cell community-based agencies.

Antibiotic Support Programs

The IHTC free penicillin program provides a free supply of antibiotic prophylaxis for any Indiana resident with sickle cell disease prescribed the medication but who is unable to obtain due to lack of insurance.


Sickle Well Clinic

IHTC developed the Sickle Well Clinic to utilize our multidisciplinary team and provide comprehensive care to our patients with sickle cell disease. The Sickle Well Clinic is focused on long-term preventative strategies to keep you well for years to come. You living well with sickle cell disease is a priority for our expert team.

Sickle Safe Program

The Sickle SAFE program enhances the follow-up care for infants born with sickle cell disease through screening, assessment, follow-up care, and education. The Sickle SAFE staff work closely with hematologists around the state to ensure infants have a local medical network for health maintenance and treatment of complications related to the disorder.

SCORE Program

The Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center created the SCORE Program (Sickle Care Coordination, Outreach, and Education) to address a gap in access to care for sickle cell disease patients ages 3-21 years old throughout Indiana. 

SCORE staff work closely with hematologists around the state, so patients have access to a local medical home and treatment of complications related to sickle cell disease.

Through community partnerships with healthcare providers and Federally Qualified Health Centers-FQHC, SCORE provides wrap-around services for children who have transitioned out of the Sickle SAFE program, and educates families and healthcare providers about the importance of screening tests and recommended treatments like hydroxyurea.


CASCADE is a program funded by the Indiana Department of Health. It is for adults with SCD age 21 and up. The goal of the program is to connect patients with local support networks to improve health and quality of life. The CASCADE program offers many resources and services such as:

  • Career Counseling
  • Community Health Worker (Lake & Allen Counties)
  • Behavioral health referrals
  • Help with medication co-pays
  • Transportation aid to medical appointments
  • Help with personal pain plans
  • Information about SCD medications
  • Genetic Counseling

Sickle Cell-abration

IHTC and the Indiana State Department of Health host the annual Sickle Cell-abration, a community event to raise awareness about sickle cell disease in Indiana. The Sickle Cell-abration is a way to celebrate those living with sickle cell and to advocate for more awareness.