The IHTC’s Holistic Approach to Pain Management

Persons with sickle cell disease can have both chronic (daily) pain and sudden (VOC) pain. IHTC’s approach to pain management involves multiple experts and techniques.

The IHTC Pain Team

Our team includes physicians, psychologist, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, social workers and physical therapist. We meet regularly to discuss patient cases, standards in pain management, alternative treatments and new findings related to pain management.

Inpatient Pain Management

The IHTC provides patients with written recommendations for ER and inpatient pain management. This individualized plan is created in the outpatient setting and given to the patient to present to the ER/hospital staff if needed.

Home Pain Management

The IHTC helps patients and families develop personalized pain management plans. Partnering with you and your family allows for a proactive approach to pain control for your situation. Our program provides tools to enable treatment of pain early, potentially avoiding a hospitalization.