Dental Care and von Willebrand Disease

What do I need to consider when I go to the dentist?

The best treatment is prevention through good dental care including routine brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits.

Please consult the IHTC’s dental hygienists before any dental work is performed. They will develop a plan with your dentist so you can safely undergo whatever procedure is necessary. If there is prolonged bleeding after dental work, call your dentist or the IHTC.

My child has von Willebrand disease and needs to get a tooth extracted. What do I need to tell the dentist? What precautions should we take to reduce bleeding after the tooth extraction?

It is important to consider the risk of bleeding before the dental procedure occurs. The IHTC has dental hygienists available to give your dentist all the information they need to treat your child with von Willebrand disease.

The dental hygienist can also give you personalized recommendations for reducing bleeding after the extraction. Our physicians are available to prescribe medications you need to prevent or treat bleeding complications and our pharmacy specializes in bleeding disorder medications and can dispense medications you need to prevent or treat bleeding.

Can I use tea bags to stop bleeding after dental work?

When a black tea bag is applied to a bleeding surface, the tannin in the tea causes a decrease in bleeding. Bleeding after dental work can be a significant problem in persons with bleeding disorders. If the tea bag does not help stop the bleeding, or if the bleeding is heavy, it is important to call your dentist or the IHTC.

Call us if you have more questions about dental care and von Willebrand disease.

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