Answers to your VWD treatment questions

Is treatment always necessary in individuals with von Willebrand disease?

No, not all individuals with von Willebrand disease need treatment.

Can desmopressin be used to treat all types of von Willebrand disease?

No, desmopressin is usually used to treat Type 1 and 2A von Willebrand disease. It can sometimes be used in Type 2M and 2N. It is not effective in Type 3 von Willebrand disease.

Should I take extra vitamin K to help my blood clot?

Von Willebrand disease is not related to a vitamin K deficiency- you have enough vitamin K already so giving more will not help your body form a clot.

Should I take garlic supplements and fish oil supplements to keep my heart healthy?

Many supplements can be good for your body in some ways, but some can cause abnormal bleeding and complications in persons with bleeding disorders. The IHTC dietitian is available to answer your questions about dietary supplements.