Treating von Willebrand Disease Comprehensively

Our multidisciplinary approach to von Willebrand disease acknowledges the whole person. Our model of care focuses on supporting you through life events, helping you navigate life transitions, and providing specialists with advanced training in bleeding disorders. All of these are important in making the treatment of von Willebrand disease easier and equipping you to live better at every stage of life.


Although von Willebrand disease is often diagnosed later in life, we also treat von Willebrand disease in children. Pediatric treatment incorporates a whole family approach. We equip parents and caregivers to understand and manage your child's condition from diagnosis through the transition to adulthood. Our multidisciplinary team actively supports and guides von Willebrand disease patients and their families. Treating von Willebrand disease in children is one more area of expertise that sets IHTC apart.


At IHTC, we take a proactive approach to von Willebrand disease treatment, but complications may occur. If you require emergency treatment or surgery, your IHTC care team coordinates care with your other providers to ensure that you get safe and appropriate treatment. When you travel, plan a pregnancy, go to the dentist, or schedule a medical procedure, we’ll make sure that you’re equipped with the knowledge and confidence needed to manage your condition.

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