Determining Clotting Factor Levels and Type of Hemophilia

IHTC recommends laboratory tests if you suspect you or your child has hemophilia. These tests include a standard blood clotting test to measure how quickly blood can clot as well as a factor VIII or factor IX level test to determine if you or your child has hemophilia A or B.

If these laboratory tests confirm a diagnosis of hemophilia for you or your child, IHTC highly recommends screening of other at-risk family members, especially women. This additional testing will help to diagnose any other affected individuals in your family so they can get appropriate care and counseling.

Genetic testing is also available to identify the genetic change causing hemophilia in you or your family. Genetic tests are very helpful in confirming if someone in your family is a carrier of hemophilia, as carriers often do not experience symptoms and may have normal levels of clotting factor.

Call the IHTC to arrange laboratory tests.

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