Determining the Best Product and Infusion Method

Clotting factor concentrates can be made from human plasma collected from blood donors, or made in a laboratory using recombinant technology.

Plasma-derived products

Plasma-derived concentrates are made from human blood which is donated by healthy volunteers and screened for safety. These products have been used since the 1970s.

Recombinant products

Recombinant factor products are made in a laboratory using recombinant technology. These products are not made from human blood.

Recombinant products offer a safer option than plasma-derived products because they avoid potential blood-borne transmission of infectious diseases. In the United States, treatment with recombinant products is the standard of care.

There are two different classes of recombinant factor products available today:

  • Standard half-life products is factor which lasts in the body for the same amount of time as the natural factor VIII or factor IX
  • Extended half-life products is factor that has been changed to last longer in the body than standard half-life product (extended half-life products may allow you to infuse less frequently, but still receive the same protection you would get if you were to use a standard half-life product)

IHTC doctors will help you decide which product is best for you or your child.

Clotting factor is administered by placing a needle in your or your child’s vein or occasionally through a surgically implanted device called a port). Infusion with clotting factor stops or prevents bleeding by raising your or your child’s factor level to a safer level.

Patients who need frequent infusions and/or their parents often learn to infuse clotting factor at home, making treatment easier for the patient and family. IHTC nurses are experienced in training families and patients to home infuse.

Clotting factor products and home infusion supplies are not available at your local pharmacy. You or your child will usually receive clotting factor products from a homecare company or the IHTC pharmacy program. These products may be shipped or delivered directly to your home.

As Indiana’s only federally recognized comprehensive treatment center, the IHTC operates a public health service pharmacy program. This program allows the IHTC to provide you with factor at significantly reduced prices.

Call the IHTC to schedule home infusion training at a clinic or at your house.

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